50/50 Prediluted Organic Antifreeze (-40 ˚F) Coolant

Speedol 50/50 Prediluted Organic Antifreeze (-40 ˚F) Coolant is a ready-to-use organic antifreeze containing mono ethylene glycol, demineralized pure water, high quality organic anti-corrosion additives and bitrex. It is biogradable and does not contain harmful borate, nitrite, nitrate, amine, phosphate and silicate.


It is especially recommended for aluminum alloy radiators and engines made of light metals. It can used in cast iron, steel body radiators and engines, too.


Technical Properties

Freezing Point ºC Freezing Point  ºF Antifreeze Ratio Water Ratio 
-40 ºC -40 ºF 100% 0%

        -27 ºC

-17 ºF 80% 20%
-13 ºC 9 ºF 50% 50%

 * The typical Spects in above can be changed at every production.

**Use only fresh water. Do not use water from industrial processes. Do not use seawater or brackish.


BS 6580(GB), SAE J 1034(I), CUMA NC 956-16(I), FVV HEFT R 443(D), JIS K 2234(1)(J), UNE 26361-88(E), AFNOR R 15/601(1) (F), KSM 2142(K), EMPA(CH), ASTM D 3306/4985, NATO S 759, E/L 1415c, PORCHE/VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA TL 774 D/F, MB 325.3/2/1/0, FORD ESE M 97B49-A, CUMMINS 85T8-2(1), MAN 248, MAN 324 SNF, WARTSILIA 32-9011(C.W.), PEGASO, GM US 6277 M, RN 41-01-001, FORD WSS-M97B44-C, CHRYSLER MS 9176, MACK 014GS17004, MAN B&W D 36 5600, GM 1899 M(1), NAVİSTAR V-1, Volvo, FORD ESD M 97 B49-A, OPEL GM QL 130100, LEYLAND TRUCKS LTS 22 AF 10, JOHN DEERE H 24 B1 /C1, DEUTZ/MWN 0199-2091 2AUFLAGE, MACK 014GS 17004


AUGUST  2023 REV01



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