ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34 is a transparent yellow color liquid containing mono ethylene glycol and high quality organic anti-corrosion additives for use as cooling and heat transfer medium in indoor hot water heating systems, heat pumps and industrial refrigeration equipment. It doesn't contain borate, nitrite, nitrate, amine, phosphate and silicate which are harmful to the environment. It is a long life biodegradable antifreeze & coolant fluid based of high quality organic acid technology.


ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34 is used as hot water heating systems, heat pump systems, heat recovery systems, cooling circuits weight systems and leak detection fluid.

General Application Suggestions

  • It should only be used in systems without chloride -free solder.
  • Systems which have been operated only temporarily with ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34 (e.g. for frost proofing during winter construction) must be flushed thoroughly with water several times before being refilled, since product residues may attack metals more severely because of the inadequate inhibitor concentration.
  • After the pressure test with water or ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34 / water mixture, the systems must be filled to prevent corrosion at the liquid / air phase boundary.
  • Emptied systems should be refilled within a few days. Before filling with ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34 /water mixture, the operator must carefully inspect the state of corrosion of the system.
  • When a refrigeration or heating system previously operated with a salt-based cooling brine or water is charged with ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34, the lower surface tension and associated rust-removing action of this product may cause any existing corrosion damage to show up as leaks. Older systems should therefore be thoroughly inspected and rinsed to ensure they are rust-free before the change is made. Good seals are the only way to ensure perfect functioning of the system and prevent costly leaks.
  • After leakage, systems with ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34 / water mixtures should only be filled with the same concentration of ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34. Do not mix with different products as this may cause discrepancies. In exceptional cases, the expert opinion of the manufacturer should be contacted.
  • Although ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34 is miscible in all proportions with water, it is advisable to fill systems with circulating pumps with about two-thirds of the required amount of water. ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34 is then added and the system is filled up with water. Since ANTI-FROST LIQUID EG-34 / water mixtures have a higher viscosity and density than pure water, a higher pressure drop should be expected in the pipelines.


  • High Cooling Performance:Suitable in use for four season that it not only prevents from freezing but also extends boiling.
  • High Protection to Corrosion:Prevents corrosion of light metals and aluminum alloys in cooling systems. Provides effective protection in radiator and in crank case.
  • Minimum Sediment:Protects water pump and extends its life.

Technical Properties




Density, 15,5 ºC

ASTM D 4052



-Diluted with 50% 
-Undiluted antifreeze


ASTM D 1287




Reserve Alkalinity;

-Diluted with 50% 
-Undiluted antifreeze


ASTM D 1121 




Freezing Point, %100 ºC max

Freezing Point, %50 ºC

Freezing Point, %25 ºC


ASTM D 1177




* The typical spects in above can be changed at every production.

**Use only fresh water. Do not use water from industrial processes. Do not use seawater or brackish.




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