Speedblue is a chemical composed in water clarity of 32.5% automotive urea and 67.5% demineralized water. It is an aqueous urea solution developed for diesel vehicles with Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI norms using Catalytic Reduction System (SCR) technology (Catalytic converter is to protect human and environment to minimize NOx harmful gases emitted from heavy commercial vehicles and automobiles due to use of this chemical.It is colorless, odorless and harmless. It is colorless, odorless and harmless.


In vehicles with SCR system with Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI norms, 3.5 tonnes and less vehicles (passenger cars, light commercials, SUV ...) with Euro VI emissions, agricultural vehicles such as tractors, military vehicles, commercial and military ships emission control areas (ECA).


The urea in Speed Blue separates harmful nitrogen oxides from nitrogen and water by injected into the catalyst on the vehicle from its own store on the vehicle.

It converts nitrogen oxides (NOx), Carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons into nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide and water vapor (H2O) which are harmless to the chemical reaction.

The main advantage of SCR technology is that it also reduces Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 90% while reducing Hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) gases by 50-90% and carbon particles by 30-50%.

SCR vehicles provide 2% fuel economy. Since E4, E5, and E6 torque optimizations are provided for the SCR system, torque is not optimized and fuel economy is not achieved when SCR is deactivated.

Moreover, the Selective Catalytic Reduction System (SCR) offers additional advantages.

              -Minimum and low maintenance costs are required;

              -It does not affect the rest of the vehicle and its periodic maintenance.


 Urea Content,% m / m  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-B/Ek-C  31,8 / 33,2
 Density, 20 ° C gr / cm3  ASTM D 4052  1,0870 / 1,0930
 Breaking Index, 20 ° C  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-C  1,3814 / 1,3843
Alkalinity, NH₃% m / m  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-D  - / 0,2
 Biuret,% m / m  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-E  - / 0,3
 Aldehydes, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-F  - / 5
 Insoluble Substance, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-G  - / 20
 Phosphate (PO₄), mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-H  - / 0,5
 Calcium, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,5
Iron, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,5
 Copper, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,2
 Zinc, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,2
 Chromium, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,2
 Nickel, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,2
 Aluminum, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,5
 Magnesium, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,5
Sodium, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,5
 Potassium, mg / kg  TS ISO 22241-2 Ek-I  - / 0,5

 * Data given above are typical properties and may vary slightly.


DIN 70070 is manufactured to meet the AdBlue standard ISO 22241 and the TSE standard TS ISO 22241.

Storage and Transportation Conditions

As Speed Blue is affected by ambient heat, it should not be left under the sun, above +30 ºC or below -11 ºC, it should be kept at room temperature (25 ºC).Transport and storage in sealed tanks or plastic containers according to ISO 22241/3 standard is recommended.





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