S7000+ Motor Sports Oil 5W30

Speedol S7000+ Motor Sports Oil 5W30 is an advanced, effective at wide range of temperature, ester based full synthetic engine oil improved much higher performance compared to synthetic and mineral oil containing. with ester technology for the most demanding race conditions at Nascar and Drag Racings extreme high performanced motors. It has been created with combination of high quality synthetic base oils and special additives with precisely balanced component system with ester technology for helping wear protection.


Specially developed for various motorsport applications, driving and other hard working conditions used on all powerful gasoline and diesel racing engines, on old racing engines where oil pressure is low, which is required to withstand abrasion, on turbocharged, supercharged gasoline and diesel, multi-point fuel injected engines. It is not used in two-stroke and aircraft engines, and it is recommended not to mix with product mineral or other synthetic motor oils to ensure optimum performance


Permanent Film Layer

It prevents sticking to lean and dry clingingly gears. It leaves the film layer and it goes into the material wear caused by friction.

Specially Designed Anti-Friction 100% Synthetic ester based formula

It keeps the operation temperature in balance while providing high energy efficiency, while maintaining support for speed in the toughest conditions, and protecting the system perfectly against temperature rise and wear.

Superior thermal and oxidation stability

Helps slow down oil aging by providing longer oil change intervals.

Minimal Evaporation Loss

Low oil consumption, lower hydrocarbon pollution.

High Viscosity Index Super Anti-wear Performance

Excellent lubrication and wear protection under all kinds of driving and working conditions.

Excellent Oil Film Stability at High Temperatures

Minimize wear on the engine and provides stable oil pressure and used in all conditions with high oil stability.

High Pumpability feature at Low Temperature

Because of its very good pumpability at low temperatures, the initial operation extends the life of the engine by providing ease.

Technical Properties

*Kinematic Viscosity @100˚C, cSt

ASTM D 445


*Viscosity Index

ASTM D 2270 


*Density, 15°C, g/cm³

ASTM D 4052  0,855

*Flash Point, ˚C

ASTM D 92 


*Data given above are typical properties and may vary slightly.


API SN / SM / SJ / CF, ACEA A3/ B4




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