Speedol SHPD PLUS GII 15W40

Speedol SHPD PLUS GII 15W40 is a heavy duty diesel engine oil formulated with high thermal stable quality base oil and high performanced additives in API CI-4+ class meets the need of latest technology engines. Can be used at API SL performanced gasoline engines, too.


Speedol 15W40 is recommended in heavy-duty 4T diesel engines, turbocharged diesel engines and over-the-road trucks, vans, minibuses, buses.


• High Neutralizing Power: Due to its high TBN value, it can be used with high sulfur fuels. It neutralizes acidic substances and protects the engine.

• Thermal Oxidation Stability: It keeps the engine clear, while this product provides a long oil change interval, extends oil life.

• High corrosion Foam Stability: Thanks to its corrosion inhibitor within, the engine is protected against rust and corrosion and foam formation is prevented by the foam cutting additive, so the engine is protected against wear.

• Excellent protection: It protects the engine from wear during high temperatures.

• Anti – engine wear: It prevents engine wear during initial operation.

• Performance of Sediment Formation Prevention: It prevents thickening of oil while controlling the formation of sediments at high temperatures.

• Fuel economy: Due to the lubrication process is excellent, it provides fuel economy with superior friction characteristics.

• High engine power: It provides high engine power with high performance additive system. Turbo charge extends its life.

Technical Properties:

* Viscosity 100 °C, cSt ASTM D 445 14,194
* Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 136
*Density, g/ml ASTM D 4052 0,8787
TBN, min ASTM D 2896 11
*Flash Point,°C ASTM D 92 238
*Pour Point,°C ASTM D 97 -39

* Data given above are typical properties and may vary slight.


API CI-4+/CI-4/CH-4/ CG-4/ CF-4/ CF/SL ACEA E7-12 MB 228.3 Volvo VDS-3 MAN 3275 MTU Type II Renault Trucks RLD-2 Mack EO-N / EO-M PLUS Cummins CES 20078 / 77 / 76 Global DHD-1 Deutz DQC III-10 Detrolt Diesel 93K215 Caterpillar ECF-2




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